Friday, January 17, 2014

Eating crow, #throughglass

I using that old expression, "eating Crow", not because I dislike corvids (they are among my favorite birds), but because it seems to best capture my admission of being wrong. The new Glass I received the other day was indeed the new hardware, and included the earplug which I found (at Glass Support's urging) through a further search of the shipping box and its contents. It was mounted on a card (above) and tucked into the Glass carrying pouch! So unlike what I'd reported last time (see "A nod is as good as a wink"), I don't have to do another exchange, and my next task is to try that plug out!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A nod is as good as a wink!

My first photo #throughglass using the "wink" function
Here's my first post of the new year, all of 14 days in! By way of excusing my absence from this blog, I have been without Glass for a majority of the first two weeks of the year, but that was not totally unexpected.

My "swap" to new hardware had been promised via several emails in December, so I was anticipating shipping off the old, rather worse-for-wear unit and getting my upgrade soon after the new year began. But alas, delays on the swap from Google's end caused me to go ahead and initiate a warranty return of my faulty Version 1 unit (with it battery/charging issues). I had held off on executing that earlier, knowing (hoping) my swap to Version 2 was moving right along, an assumption I then gave up on, following some very indefinite advice from Glass phone support. But, my hopes were again raised when the agent (Glass Guide) handling my warranty return early last week emailed a reply that indicated the returned unit WOULD actually be of the Version 2 variety.

Through several hiccups and over a week's time, I finally received a new unit this morning, but, alas, it still seems to be Version 1 (the lack of an earpiece tipped me off). But the revised version does at least include the "wink" feature, which I have been experimenting with, and finding it erratic but fun! (Referring to that post title - it seems to work with a nod equally well, i.e. intermittently, as with a wink.) I will also give them credit for a much-improved setup routine.

My Marketing Class takes place tonight (January 14th) and following a demo there, my nearly new unit will be making its way back to Google for a real swap, it appears, pending further advice from Support.