Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 - Lost Year in Tech?

As the old year winds down, included among my favorite traditions are the retrospectives, both in broadcast and print (online). Who died, what were the top movies and books, and what were the best photos? We can find many examples like these, and I tend to enjoy them all, even if I don't agree. I am even producing one myself for publication on my other blog, blogspot.jimlyonsobservations. com, on the Year in Mobile Printing. It should be up tomorrow (New Year's Eve - nothing like a deadline!).

Regarding tech-industry milestones for 2013, a provocative year-end summary from Quartz and writer Christoper Mims titled "2013 was a lost year for tech"), has stirred the proverbial pot over the lost few days. Responses from many have followed, including two notable tech voices, Om Malik (see "Dear Quartz, maybe it’s you that needs new glasses and a map. 2013 was not a lost year for tech") and John Gruber (see "2013: The Year in Apple and Technology at Large") who beg to differ with Mims.

Specifically regarding Google Glass (which was featured as the lead illustration for the Quartz piece), Mims lumps "wearables" generally as a "letdown". Specific to Glass, he actually makes a very reasonable point, that Google "couldn’t hide the fact that Glass is a technology in search of an application..." but goes on with a conclusion to the solution-seeking-a-problem statement ("...unless that application is invasions of privacy") that I simply don't agree with.

Malik, after leading with the argument that Mims is too consumer-focused in his judgments, also fires back on Glass, with more very reasonable points (which means I agree with him).
Quartz bemoans Google Glass and labels it the standard bearer of disappointment in tech in 2013. Google Glass might earn you the sobriquet “glasshole,” but the reality is that in the future we will have a much improved derivative of Google Glass in our lives. It might not even look like Google Glass, but the wearable computing and personal compute fabrics will be a reality in the not-too-distant future.
I will leave my readers to read more, from all three pieces as well as others, and wish everyone a Happy 2014. My next post should include an update on my new-and-improved Glass, being exchanged this week!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Adventures in Glass

I've enjoyed taking pics of the holiday decorations #throughglass, and the enhancements through Google+
The last few weeks have brought about many interesting Glass-related adventures and developments. I'll recap as many as I can remember here.

I traveled with Glass, first to Las Vegas and the Business imaging Expo, and then in the same week, to Miami and an Analyst Day hosted by Nuance Communications. On both stops, I enjoyed showing my Glass to friends and colleagues, providing many people with a chance for a little up-close-and-personal experience. 

I also am in the waiting stage for the mailer that will allow me to get my new Glass hardware from Google (should be here any day per the emails), and in addition to trying the "new and improved" version and its "winking" capability (more on this to come), I'll be glad to be rid of my current unit and its janky charge/battery situation, which I have been working around since the beginning (mid-August).

On the software front, I've just downloaded the XE12 version of the Glass OS, and also, only today, grabbed the iOS Glassware app. I should also add my proficiency with the Android version has increased significantly. 

So lots to report with more pending, but I would be amiss to not include a scary "misadventure". My Glass unit, snugly packed in its carrying pouch, was temporarily abandoned in the seat back pocket of one of the many airplanes I have been aboard recently. Fortunately, I realized it was missing from my gadget-laden backpack after a few minutes, and a quick stroll back to the gate, along with trusty help from a UAL agent, helped me get it back. Whew!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in Glass Again

As of last week, my Glass has returned home to its original home in Boise, ID. It had been on loan to some app-developer friends who are getting their solution ready for the broad consumer release of Glass, thought to be sometime in early 2014.

I am up to Operating System version 11 (XE11), and enjoying some new and improved features on Glass. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Google Glass Printing

I am still processing all the interesting information gleaned from the HP Print Tech Days which took place in Boise this week, and am confident my article pipeline is well stocked for the coming weeks and months.

There is one thing I will immediately highlight here (and those on my Twitter feed will have already seen it, and may recognize the screenshot above) - that was the creation of a #throughglass 2013 poster, including a number of my still photos captured since become a Glass-wearing Explorer in mid-August. (And truth be told, there is one photo included in the collection that depicts a colleague borrowing my Glass, but taken with another camera.)

My hands-on poster creation was part of our visit to the "HP Oasis", a center at HP's Boise site (as well as others around the world) where HP's vast lineup of photo and photo-related devices are available to use, free of charge, for employees and special guests (like retirees and members of the press, which hits me twice!). (The Oasis is worthy of a post in itself, which will be coming along here, along with the rest of the aforementioned pipeline.)

(This post also appears on

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Google Magical Mystery Barge - part of Glass commercialization?

I have been fascinated over the last few days, reading about the "Google mystery barge" in the San Francisco Bay, and found it almost eerily coincidental that that same Bay was my outlook during the time in August I was picking up my Glass. In fact, it's the Bay and Bay Bridge in the background, right outside, prominent among the first photos and video I shot during my Glass training. (Example above.)

(Now that I think about it there WAS excitement right out there in the Bay that day, but it had to do with the America's Cup and not barges!)

A tweet about this coincidence ended up in a short interview with Brandon Bailey of the San Jose Mercury News, and an even shorter quote in his article (screenshot below) on the barge (which actually may be part of a fleet!). It was great meeting Brandon this way and it will be fun to track the barge story, ongoing!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Google Glass economics update


On October 28, Google announced two initiatives involving its 8,000 Google Glass Explorers. One is an upcoming "swap" allowing existing owners to get upgraded hardware over the next several months. The other is an opportunity for existing Explorers to extend Explorer invitations to up to three friends (at the same price as before, $1,500, but with mail order delivery available, as an alternative to the exclusive pickup-by-appointment terms of the past.)

The press has covered the two programs in detail (for example, see Techcrunch), but my interest, as a student and teacher of microeconomics, is what this does to the Glass "after market". By the terms of Google's agreement with Explorers, resale is not allowed, but many Glass units have appeared on eBay since I've been watching, beginning well before I picked up my Explorer unit in mid-August. The listings are replete with warnings of potential bricking of the device along with an "as is" caveat, and from what can be observed without being a direct party to the transactions, have sold (at least auctions have closed) with prices between the high $3,000's up to $5,000.

So what will this "supply shock" do to the market? After all, the imminent quadrupling of the Glass installed base is quite a "supply shock" and as the graph and short note above indicate (courtesy of Investopedia, one of my students' favorite sources), we would expect, given an unchanged demand curve, for the "equilibrium" price to decrease.

 A quick look at eBay today makes it hard to tell so far, but the "invitations" are out there, at prices ranging from $100 to $1,000 or so. Twitter also includes a number of requests/offers for the invitations, as well.

One more fun thing about being a #GlassExplorer!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Demo Conference #ThroughGlass

A walk in the woods #ThroughGlass - JJ Audubon State Park, Kentucky
Wow - it's been two weeks since my last "Half Full" post. I've been busy, including some experiences with Glass away from home (see above) but just haven't had the chance to summarize here.

Now I am at high-tech conference Demo, in Santa Clara, CA, with - drum roll - lots of Google Glass discussion including from developers and one of the leading evangelists for Glass. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exploring fall colors #throughglass

I took on some near-home exploring this afternoon, walking the neighborhood. As October arrives and the colors start to change, it is a great time of year to do some photography.

I am still getting adjusted to the lack of a rangefinder and not knowing exactly where I'm pointing with my Glass lens. I am still ending up with too many shots that are "off line" or "bottom heavy" (see below). The example below (taken on last week's field trip to the World Center for Birds of Prey) ends up with the cage bar in front of the bird. It also exhibits another frustrating element to Glass photography, which is the difficulty of getting close-up shots.

Where's the bird? - far away and behind the bar!

On a more positive note, I found that my "Post to only me on Facebook" function that is one of the Glass "share" options for photos and videos is working now, as the screenshot below shows. I had tried it a few times previously to no avail, but starting yesterday, it just seemed to work. (And it' easy to change to broad sharing.)
Shared from Glass to Facebook

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Glass connections

During the last week, I've spent much some major time off exploring in Oregon, driving through the desert east of the mountains as well as the Columbia Gorge, en route to visiting Portland and Corvallis. It's been a lot of fun, with Glass and otherwise, and then on my return to reality, had to spend a few days catching up on professional deadlines, so left the Glass alone.

In addition to my own experiences during the last seven days, I really enjoyed the finding the new George Takei video on Glass, the first in his new AARP-sponsored series on technology (see above). And I also discovered the professor for my new Coursera course, from Northwestern University, "Understanding Media by Understanding Google", is a fellow #glassexplorer! Dr. Owen Youngman blogs about his experiences, too (example -

And now on to more adventures #throughglass!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Glass experiences also on Goin' Mobile, Jim Lyons Observations

While I have and will continue to use this blog as the primary journal for my #GoogleExplorer experiences, I have included some of my adventures with Glass in two other blog posts I would like to highlight here.

Last month, in my monthly Observations, in the blog of the same name, I looked at my hands-on experiences with another product, the Berg Cloud Little Printer. But for fun, and did a little side-by-side with my Glass experiences (and yes, I admit, and maybe because now as a college professor, I can't resist the opportunity, from time to time at least, to "compare and contrast"). That post can be found both at The Imaging Channel (see "Go Go Go Little Printer") and my own - which gives me the opportunity, again, to thank my friends at 1105 Media for hosting me!

More recently, I wrote about my first month as a Glass Explorer, in a post at another 1105 property, Workflow. You can find that tale at "Google Glass - A Bluetooth Headset on Steroids?". This title, which is furthered explained in my post, is not intended as a "diss", but rather the way I have come to think of Glass, at least in the first month of being a "on-head" Explorer.

I would be flattered if any of my readers here would care to venture to these other posts, and thrilled if you would offer commentary!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not exactly Fashion Week!

The big news coverage regarding Google Glass last week involved its presence at New York's Fashion Week. As pointed out by this example from HuffPo, product placement was in high gear.

But my big news was wearing glass to a Boise State Broncos football game at Bronco Stadium, home to the legendary blue turf. The turf has always been photogenic, and on Friday afternoon and evening, it was no exception. Plus, from our seats near the very top of the south endzone, the view of the surrounding city and foothills was stunning, with an ever-changing tableau of sun-drenched cloud formations which eventually turned into rain clouds, bringing more much needed moisture to our end-of-summer, parched environment.

As far as wearing Glass, let's just say it was not exactly Fashion Week! Note that "selfies" with Glass still require the good old front-hall-closet mirror of something similar! And outside of photography, I should add that XE9's "Sound Search" was a kick, helping to identify many of the stadium's selections for between-plays music.

(My earlier post, Blue Turf #ThroughGlass, includes some of the aforementioned photos.)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Boise State Blue Turf - #ThroughGlass for the first time?

Bronco Stadium on September 13 2013 focused on Stueckle Sky Center - West Side of Stadium
Last night, the Boise State Broncos hosted the Air Force Academy Falcons in an unusual Friday evening game. The site was Bronco Stadium, home to the "blue turf" field which has become nationally famous along with BSU's rise to college football prominence over the previous decade. And I was lucky enough to have sought-after game tickets!

Though of the "nosebleed" variety - located high above the stadium's south end zone - our seats proved to be an excellent vantage point for viewing, #throughglass, the field as well as most of the stadium, as well as the beautiful city of Boise and its surrounding foothills. In addition, the unsettled weather of late included an ever-changing view of swirling clouds which put on a show from late afternoon until dusk.
Shadows on the famous Blue Turf pre-game
Having Glass in the Stadium was a kick for capturing images and a few short videos (see example posted on YouTube), and I also used "Sound Search" to identify some of the music blasting from the stadium's recently upgraded sound system. Overall it was a great experience (after a close game in the first half, BSU pulled away to win, 42-20), and having Glass along was fun. And I'm just wondering if I am the first #GlassExplorer to record our famous team, stadium, and most of all, our beloved "Smurf Turf"?

As game began the clouds became more threatening leading to a half-time rain storm

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

XE9 - Sound Search the best Glass demo yet?

Ask a baby boomer the first thing that pops into their heads when they hear the word "Shazam" and certainly at least a few will come up with something like, "What Gomer Pyle said", from that old Andy Griffith spin-off from the 1960s. And yes, it's embarrassing to even admit that.

Others, more with the world of today, would know it's the name of a popular Smartphone app/service used for almost magically identifying a song by "listening" to it. Shazam (and its competitors) have been around for awhile (I actually remember first being exposed to the company and its technology's capabilities at a long-ago Demo conference).

With a little practice, I was bringing up song id's with ease, though it sometimes takes a second try and purists would no doubt say it comes up with too many "greatest hits" responses
With the coming of the latest Glass operating system, XE9, on September 9th, we Explorers have that capability built into our devices. The top image (via a screenshot using MyGlass on my Nexus 7), shows the screen during the "listening" step. And the one immediately above shows I was getting good results, after just a little experimentation.

The official app note describes the function and its operation as follows: "3. Sound Search: When you hear a song, but can’t remember the name or artist, just long press your Glass touchpad and swipe forward for sound search."  And note that the "#3" indicates Sound Search is but one of several new features, which also include Vignettes, YouTube videos in search results, and Hosted Google Apps Accounts, but my impression of those will need to wait for future posts.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun to see another's Teaching #ThroughGlass exploration!

I've enjoyed encountering at least a few fellow Explorers via traditional Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, and yes, Google+) in addition to the official forum available to us via Google.

One came around about a fellow Teaching #ThroughGlass experience, reminiscent of mine back 10 days or so. Here's the "Google Glass Obsessed" post, complete with Glass-wearing student pics. My moment from last Tuesday (8/27) was documented on Instagram -

As for me, and today's exploration plan? I am excited to be getting ready for the twilight golf tournament, where I will definitely be trying some glass tricks!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mea culpa - Glass working!

Just a quick and happy post to note that my Glass is NOT broken! Apparently my micro USB cable is to blame, but this is good news. In the mean time (before I returned home from travels, where I could expand my troubleshooting options), I was contacted by a very helpful Glass Guide, who suggested trying a few things before assuming I had a RMA on my hands.

While the Glass Support website suggests* that the included Glass charger should more-or-less be used exclusively, trying a variety of cable/charger combos seems to be part of the troubleshooting regimen, so I don't feel too bad about using others that I have.

(* While there are thousands of Micro USB chargers out there, Glass is designed and tested with the included charger in mind. Use it and preserve long and prosperous Glass use.)
And the really happy part of this news is that I will have a working Glass for the Twilight Golf Scramble coming up Friday - should be a blast!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alas - Broken Glass! :(

Mid-way through my Labor-Day-weekend trip to see the grandchildren and other family members, my Glass stopped taking a charge. Rather than the pulsing LED that indicated a charge was being accepted via its micro-USB connection (hooked to wall charger or Windows laptop USB), I get an intermittent light of the non-pulsing variety, and an inability of the device to turn on.

Thanks to the online Explorer community, as well as a pretty quick followup from a Google Guide, I'm feeling ok that a quick and satisfactory repair/replacement cycle will commence once I return from my trip Tuesday afternoon. And as I remember from vintage Tom Peters management education, there's always the "we want to sell you a lemon" upside, so stay tuned!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Glass and grandchildren

When I applied to become a Google Glass Explorer, I quite naturally offered to base my evaluation applying the perspective of status as a proud baby boomer. I have many hobbies and interests, as well as quite a few professional activities, thus a plethora of ideas for using my Glass have come to mind. Some of them have been attempted in at least limited fashion already, with others waiting in the wings, and with many more yet to be imagined, no doubt.

Going back to that boomer thing, one of the most significant stages I have entered recently, along with so many others in my cohort,  is the grandparent stage. And I am finding that a hands-free, voice-activated photo and video-capture device can come in pretty handy - once the kids get used to grandpa (seemingly) talking to himself!

Here's a bubble blowing clip from last weekend's visit with the kids.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some Glass humor

I took a day off from Glass today with numerous end-of-the-week-and-month deadlines looming. But I will do a short post on some fun Glass humor.

Siri, Apple's er...whatever she is...has a few opinions/attitudes on Glass, which were reported but then I had to give it a try, too. So I did a little Instagram video on one of them!

Met my deadlines, btw, and will be wearing Glass (and on to new Explorations) tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thinking about Marketing and Glass

As a marketing professor for University of Phoenix I enjoy thinking about the impact of technology on marketing. In fact, we just had a discussion question in my graduate-level "Product Development and Design" class about the impact of tech on marketing research, which of course has been huge over the last several decades.

There's an interesting video clip via +Adweek from marketing deep-thinker (and fellow #GlassExplorer) @ianschafer about the potential impact of Glass on Marketing - worth a look.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thanks Google Glass - I do appreciate it!

I was up early this Sunday morning, and had my Glass on attempting to take a photo of a pretty sunrise coming through our backyard trees.

While I was aware it was my birthday, I was still rather surprised to see this screen image when I looked through the Glass viewer. I never did get the shot I wanted, trying both Glass and my iPhone5 before I giving up. But I was motivated enough, later in the day, to get my Nexus 7 up and going with the Glass Android app, and then connected for the first time, so I could use the "screencast" function to see the screen images from my Glass on the Nexus. I then was able to capture a screen shot, which is posted here. So that's a couple more tick marks on my Glass to-do list!

And as I mentioned in the subject line here: Glass, I do appreciate the birthday greetings!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Google Glass Economics - part one

As has been widely reported, qualifying to become a Google Glass Explorer is fairly exclusive (the total number of Explorers is 8,000 individuals). And then once deemed to be "in", becoming a Glass-wearing Explorer costs $1,500 (plus tax) and the time and expense involved in visiting Google offices in San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles to be trained and take ownership your unit.

I will have more to say about the "unique" nature of this would-be beta program, including the high price of entry, in another post, but since I teach Economics (as well as Marketing) and have a class coming up on "Opportunity Cost". I have to report on the "black market" in Glass, as represented on eBay.

While the Explorer agreement includes a ban on selling your Glass (gifting is allowed), there is a "buyer beware" market that I've been watching, with what amounts to 3 to 5 Glass units up for bid at any given time. The auction pictured here gives an idea of the asking price - with 4+ hours to go on the auction the bid is at $5,000.

So given an Explorer is willing to part with his or her Glass, and this pricing holds for long enough to post and execute an eBay auction, what's the REAL cost of being an Explorer? 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exploring Downtown Boise

Just a quick note on my continuing Glass progress. I've been exploring our downtown area a bit, while actually wearing my Glass in public, resulting in a few odd looks. I snapped a handful of fun shots, and then continued to experiment with sharing, through Evernote, Google +, and Twitter.

The "City Hall" photo, above, was "shared" via Evernote, then emailed to myself, then saved on my iPhone, then grabbed and tweaked by the iPhone Instagram app. The Instagram tweaks (tweeks?) really helped the photo's appearance by the way. And the roundabout process was time-consuming and unfriendly.

I remember during by Glass training last Wednesday my surprise there was not already an Instagram app/connector. In lieu of something "built in", I am seeking a more elegant way to post there, pictures and ideally videos, via the Explorer Community, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seven days with Glass makes one week

So sorry for that bumper-sticker-ism, but couldn't resist the headline as I recap my first week with Glass. I've had lots of fun with it (them?), having shown lots of people at least a little bit about it; captured some nice stills and video clips; got it to consistently connect to my iPhone and through it, the internet; come to understand at a new level the workings of Google Plus; and overall had a blast!

I've also struggled to have it charged and ready to go when I think it should be; puzzled over a number of its functions including "share" (and "Cher"); and realized I have many (welcome) challenges ahead of me.

And it's been enjoyable, and much more meaningful, to read about other #GlassExplorers' experiences, both realized and planned. As I look ahead to the weekend, I am excited to do something, and not sure just what right now, with Golfing #ThroughGlass and Birding #ThroughGlass. So stay tuned and on the Week Two.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Progress, and some quirks

Here's the image (recreated) that appeared on my Glass, when I tried to ask it to provide me some information about how to "share" images.

But that was one of the more humorous outcomes over the last few days, and compared to my last post here ("First Full Day with Glass? A bit frustrating"), I have come a long way in getting closer to understanding Glass and getting some good results.

I have it completely working with my iPhone for its data connection (via Bluetooth and tethering), was getting some good still photos as early as Friday, including adding a "#throughglass" tweet of one of my favorite photo subjects, and today did a bike ride with Glass and managed to capture a number of 10-second videos.

Got so far as posting to the Glass Explorers Forum "50 States Through Glass" - after "sharing" through Evernote, back down to the PC, and posting on YouTube, which allowed me to have a URL to embed into the Explorers Forum post.

Next? Give it a rest for awhile (after all it's a Sunday), and then continue to master the interface, sharing, and the like. Curious about why one Windows PC recognizes it, and another does it, when using Micro-USB connection for charging. Also, haven't got the Android App to hook up yet. Hmmm, and I know there are other things I'm not thinking of...

And that's without even considering "Google Glass Printing"!

Friday, August 16, 2013

First Full Day with Glass? A bit frustrating...

My first full day (Thursday) with Glass came back in Boise, with its alarming smoky conditions, the result of nearby wild fires. The Air Quality conditions hit the "purple" Very Unhealthy level (according to at times - though now (Friday morning) we are all the way down to the Yellow, moderate category. (The photo above was taken with my iPhone.)

On the frustrating sign, after getting my Glass's power recharged and providing my very supportive wife with a brief morning demo, my challenge became connectivity. My iPhone bluetooth connection didn't seem to want to work, and after I downloaded the Android app for my Nexus 7, it also wouldn't connect via bluetooth, convincing me it's something that's turned itself off in the Glass, which I need to work on. My WiFi-connect efforts were similarly frustrating, using the "Myglass" website and its QR-code based methods. Both of my working-for-everything-else, password-protected Wifi networks were not accessible by Glass after repeated attempts, though the efforts seemed to drain its battery dramatically - from 100% to about 75% in about 45 minutes of failed connection efforts, and nothing else.

On the positive side, in addition to the Nexus 7 app located and installed, I did get connected with the "Explorers" website, and found some troubleshooting information in addition to exploring the site, where I plan to post a Glass-captured Idaho in its "State by State" thread. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A tiny bit more of my Google Glass background

My goal for this blog is to record my current, real-time experiences as a #glassexplorer. And now that I've achieved that by picking up my Glass at Google San Francisco, now that my long pick-up day is done, I thought it would be worthwhile (historian that I am) to at least provide some minimal background for those interested.

In early July, anticipating my official Explorer status, I posted "Writing About Mobile Printing Leads to All Things Google?" over at my regular Goin' Mobile blog at the Imaging Channel.

Again, stay tuned here for daily (or near-daily) hands-on experiences and thoughts, but take a look at the above for background.


I'm in - now an official #GlassExplorer

As of about 1pm Pacific Daily Time, I have in my possession a paid-for, legally-registered Google Glass unit that I've anticipated getting for months now. I received some excellent training and TLC from the staff at the Google-San Francisco offices, and definitely will enjoy getting to know this exciting new technology.

I am no stranger to many of the mobile devices released over the last number of years, so was eager to get onto Glass too. So when the Explorer program was announced in February, I "applied" via tweet, with the cryptic, "#IFIHADGLASS Will blog/tweet experience from boomer perspective." And at the end of March, much to my pleasure, I heard I was "in", and then have been waiting pretty much since then to get scheduled in and pick up my glass, which happened just a couple of hours ago.

So here I am - blogging and tweeting from a boomer perspective. And so far, as cool as I think Glass is and as excited as I am to make it work its magic (and yes, EXPLORE), I just can't quite get up the nerve to wear it in public, at least so far (streets of San Francisco, BART, SFO airport and United Club). I will work on this - maybe in the confines of my own home, then working outward to the downtown office, the gym, the coffee shop...we shall see! And only as seen on Instagram (and definitely not Facebook or Twitter, let alone LinkedIn!) - my own "selfie" taken in a quite corner of the aforementioned United Club.

After all, I promised to blog and tweet, so it's a start!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One day to pickup!

Getting ready for the pickup tomorrow, and my official entry into the world of Google Glass, as an "Explorer", and I am getting excited. Their reminder/checklist (above) received via email earlier was much appreciated and didn't seem to present any big obstacles, except the first one which was treading on some new ground for me. (I've had GMail and Google+ accounts since the early days of each.)

I've always been intrigued with tethering, but had never implemented it. So now I have, along with the chance to completely retool my voice/data plan for all our mobile devices. Therefore, I figure I am already ahead, even before getting my Glass!

Monday, August 12, 2013

My newest blog - Welcome to Glass Half Full

I am little more than 24 hours away from boarding the plane to fly to San Francisco, where I will pick up my Google Glass unit at the Google office in the city.

Follow along here for the adventures of a Baby Boom-generation Google Glass Explorer!