Saturday, November 2, 2013

Google Magical Mystery Barge - part of Glass commercialization?

I have been fascinated over the last few days, reading about the "Google mystery barge" in the San Francisco Bay, and found it almost eerily coincidental that that same Bay was my outlook during the time in August I was picking up my Glass. In fact, it's the Bay and Bay Bridge in the background, right outside, prominent among the first photos and video I shot during my Glass training. (Example above.)

(Now that I think about it there WAS excitement right out there in the Bay that day, but it had to do with the America's Cup and not barges!)

A tweet about this coincidence ended up in a short interview with Brandon Bailey of the San Jose Mercury News, and an even shorter quote in his article (screenshot below) on the barge (which actually may be part of a fleet!). It was great meeting Brandon this way and it will be fun to track the barge story, ongoing!

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