Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exploring fall colors #throughglass

I took on some near-home exploring this afternoon, walking the neighborhood. As October arrives and the colors start to change, it is a great time of year to do some photography.

I am still getting adjusted to the lack of a rangefinder and not knowing exactly where I'm pointing with my Glass lens. I am still ending up with too many shots that are "off line" or "bottom heavy" (see below). The example below (taken on last week's field trip to the World Center for Birds of Prey) ends up with the cage bar in front of the bird. It also exhibits another frustrating element to Glass photography, which is the difficulty of getting close-up shots.

Where's the bird? - far away and behind the bar!

On a more positive note, I found that my "Post to only me on Facebook" function that is one of the Glass "share" options for photos and videos is working now, as the screenshot below shows. I had tried it a few times previously to no avail, but starting yesterday, it just seemed to work. (And it' easy to change to broad sharing.)
Shared from Glass to Facebook

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